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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The weekend in pictures

under 32 minutes and by far my favorite T-shirt from a race yet

before the race

we wandered around the park before the race while no one else was there
the new 24 story swing ride filled with crash test dummies
Not open yet. It looks ridiculously scary

The Scream machine...I have to admit, it rattled my head so much I was a little worried about my jaw!

Ariana's friend Mikah 
She met his mom's best friend while running and she was playing cupid. We hung out with them for a bit and rode the roller coasters together.

All the Vampires lined up while the citizens ran past the start line. They got a head start before we could chase after them.

The locker strip I made for Ariana
My parting gifts

Gift from my boss for Administrative professionals day

D.R.I. @ Masquerade

my Iced Chai Latte
And finally, the hats we won playing the ring toss game

All Done...mostly

Had my last dive on Friday.
Was pretty un-epic.
I did give Phillip a hug on my way out and he slipped me a kiss on the cheek.
He told me he will always love me.
Wanda is a little frustrated since we began this adventure at the same time but she has a little while longer to go.
I got a certificate and a t-shirt.
I will go back in May for a follow up with Dr. King, just to be sure I am healing up properly.

I took the day off to start my celebrating early
Began with a Venti Chai Latte, 
followed by a trip to the Growers Outlet to grab some flowers 
then on over to the High School to decorate Ariana's locker for Senior week.
Picked up Ariana for the Vampire 5k at Six Flags.
It was a good day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Home Stretch

Well Tuesday they managed to get blood without too much fuss. I learned to drink TONS of water beforehand in order for them to be able to draw from me.
I had to skip Wednesday also due to a funeral I had to attend.
Thursday Philip made sure to tell me how much he missed me. Lord knows I did not miss him.
Today was Maria's last day for a while. She said she is going to come back and see us next Friday. There is something terribly wrong with her. Of course the Dr's can't tell us what that is. I am hoping that I do get to see her again. We all miss her so.
Watched Sherlock Holmes (seen it) Miami Vice (um can Colin Ferrell look anymore like a greasy 70's porn star?) Evan Almighty (not a Steve Carell fan) and Failure to Launch (seen it)
Got really good news late Thursday.
No more antibiotics!
I am pill free...wheeeeeeeeeee!
Friday I came to realize my patience with Phillip is wearing thin. I just wanted to get out of there and go home. My son was having his first overnight friend and I wanted to plan a fun filled evening for them.
First stop Pizza, then skyzone, the the store for ice cream and snacks, then camping out in the living room in sleeping bags and movies. They had a blast (and so did I )
Saturday picked up my vampire 5k race packet and headed over to a friend's 40th birthday party in Dunwoody with my bestie.
Spent most of Sunday re-cooperating from such a busy Friday and Saturday until I had to do some work.
Monday I was not feeling well. Got hot and had to sit next to Phillip (CIP) again because we added yet another member to the dive. He lost his pants standing up in the chamber in front of Wanda. I missed it but she said he had no underwear on. She said she WISHED she would have missed it.
At least she didn't have to listen to someone practically molest me verbally for 2 hours.
The 2 new guys have ear problems and have to breath in this Heliox treatments while we are going down in the dive. The newest guy can't speak English so it is hard to tell if he is in pain or not.
Lost a chunk of bone on Monday also.
The idiot they had in with us this past Tuesday had to be a stoner.
If you can't work a TV remote you should not be able to operate a chamber that can potentially blow up a city block. But that is just how my day was. Started with the kids yelling at each other at 5am and continued as soon as I got to work and every email and invoice I touched had an issue. I was surrounded by smart-ass techs and co-workers and I was not having a good morning. This Idiot in the chamber was the freaking icing on the cake. Then afterwards I was told I had to see the Dr. 
I gained weight :(
I have healed another 46% since 2 weeks ago and my vision had not changed (thank GOD)
But since I was not healed completely over he said I needed another 23 dives! I about had a heart attack!
I said 3 sounds more like it. He asked about my blood work and thankfully it was excellent so I am being released on Friday.
So long as I do not go backwards in healing I will be done!
I can't wait to get back to running at lunch and not working Sundays and shooting more pictures and having lunch, not at my desk!
Today Phillip (CIP) was on a roll. I am super thankful I got to sit on the opposite side today. He grabbed poor Kathy's boobs, butt and crotch several times. She was getting pissed but was trying to hold it together. Mr. Bosnia thought it was a riot.
But in spite of that, it was good to see him laugh. He had prostrate cancer and the radiation had made it unbearable to urinate. I know TMI, but that's how we roll.
I am assuming he is the culprit who is peeing all over the toilet and freaking M2 out. 
My ears started to bother me today.
I think because 3 people had issues going down and they kept stopping so it took forever that it was too much for me.
All I can say is 2 MORE DAYS!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The end is near

let's hit the highlights
 Gwinnett County Fire Dept. had quite a scare. Some jerk-off faked a heart attack in order to call them to his foreclosed house and hold them hostage at gun point. Luckily SWAT came in and blew the side of the house off and got everyone, except the gunman, out safely. Just about all the attendants (Matt, Josh, Hot Guy...etc) are firemen for Gwinnett. Matt was on duty at the time and gave me the skinny on what really happened. I am just glad it was none of them.
I have grown quite fond of my little diving family...well most of them.
Maria is not feeling well. She is having lots of sleeping issues (either lack of or too tired) and pain. She has not been herself. M2 left the dive early on Friday. Her blood pressure was sky high.
Wanda seems to be doing a lot better.
We have another new guy. Poor thing didn't tie his scrubs tight enough and his pants fell down and gave Maria an eye full. What a way to start the dive process.
I started reading a book on Southern Plantations a co-worker gave me. It seems I am to attend a Party at a Plantation that has ties to his family so i read about it in an old book he had.
Movies were Casino Royale (which I have seen numerous times)
Red Dawn (eye candy made it bearable)
Life of Pi (which I absolutely loved)
They have been slacking on the snacks so I have had to eat cheezits and fruit snacks (not the good dried ones I like)
Pain is back. I am thinking it is because I am eating more normally and it is just sore but it still worries me some.
Phillip is feeling good again. he is all about annoying the shit out of me with his kissing noises and making sure he waits until it is dead silent to announce his affections toward me in the dive chamber.
Every single male attendant thinks this is funny 
I am really over it. I can only take so much unwanted attention. If I say something I am an ass so I smile and suffer in silence. I told Dr. Roser that I think they wanted me to do those 10 extra dives for purely entertainment value only. He laughed and made his own jabs at my expense about the situation. He did say I looked great, it is almost completely healed and to just go ahead and suck it up for the full 40.
Again Mom did not come and again every Dr., Nurse and office person at Emory asked about her. Guess I need to make her come next time.
I did find out what Dr. Funny's name was. 
Dr. Talent.
Today I skip my dive and go become a human pin cushion...wish me luck

Monday, April 8, 2013

long week

I have had a week of ups and downs. Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet. Phillip was not there.
Maria gave all of us girls some sweet almond oil for our skin. It works wonders since the oxygen dries our skin out. I lost another chunk of bone. Phillip came back on Wednesday. he had to have all of his teeth pulled out. His face was swollen and now you really can't understand him. I felt bad for him. He was very quiet.I missed Thursday so I could go out and get my color run packets for my team for the weekend. I managed to get a couple of runs in the week and a new pair of running shoes from REI. I am going back to minimalist running. Friday Phillip was still not feeling well. I asked how he was doing and he said like shit.
 The weeks movies were 3:10 to Yuma, what to expect while your expecting, Little Fockers and Parental Guidance.
The weekend was a busy one. Shane, Brody and I went to Fusion for dinner. I had sushi (which is never a good idea for me right now). Went to be early in order to get up at dark thirty to go the the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Color Run. We sat in traffic for 3 hours. We walked up to the starting line 5 minutes before our start time. I did run the whole thing but it was not a full 5k. It was 2.98. regardless it was a blast. and it was more fun to hang out with my favorite girls. It was Kathy's first 5k and the first one I got to run with my best friend and her whole family. Ariana smoked us all but that was a given.
I had color in places I have no idea how it got there. I was supposed to do Ariana's senior portraits after but we did not get home and cleaned up until 4 and she wanted to hit some of the free concerts with her friends going on downtown during the final four festivities. I met up with some friends and had dinner on the patio at Gary's Bistro and enjoyed the nice weather and a couple of cocktails. Came home a a reasonable time and went to bed early. I was beat. I slept in Sunday. was not feeling great. Once I snapped out of it a bit I got ready and Ariana and I head to L5P and EAV for graduation and senior breakfast dresses and to shoot her senior portraits. She had to have a dress no one else would have and we found a perfect one of a kind Rene Rene original, fitted by Rene herself that fit her perfectly. We managed to find another dress at Rag-O-Rama for the breakfast (and I found one too for the Wrap Party for the cast & crew of Tales from Morning View Cemetery). After shooting in and around L5P, we shot some in EAV and headed to cabbagetown to finish up. I had to take her to somewhere I have not taken any other senior portraits. She has to be different (wonder where she gets that from). We then headed to the Vortex so Ariana could have her first good burger. She is an instant fan.
Monday I came into work extra early since I did not get to do much of payroll at home. Wanda is getting her pick line out today so she missed the dive. Maria was not feeling well. Phillip was back to normal. I asked him how he was feeling and he said ok and I told him he looked better and then he said I was sexy as hell, so I knew he was ok and I sat down out of his eye sight. M2 had the group picture of us blown up and framed and she gave it to Phillip with the caption, "Phillips dive team". which was very sweet of her.
 Maria was not herself. She actually was in tears by the break and she left the chamber early. I am worried about her. I had to stay after and get a check up. I have lost more weight, my vision is barely passable for driving now. it's really bad and I hate it. The doctor says I am at 50% healed. I am doing good but not good enough to stop yet. I have 2 appointments next week. One with Emory and one with my regular doc to get some blood work done. Please God I hope I am done by the end of next week.

Monday, April 1, 2013

catching up

The second half of last week was eventful.
Maria came out of surgery ok. Seven large needles in her mouth though. poor thing!
Dave had his last dive with us. he has been in rehab and is now home and going to the Marietta HYOX because it is closer for him.
We got a new guy. No name yet, he laughs loudly.
Big older black dude with a grey beard.
we watched zero dark thirty (good)
this is 40 (really funny) but I did not get to see the end of it because it offended all the old people
Then we watched, hell I can't remember. hmmm
I do remember that on Friday it got very quiet on our way back up (decompression) and CIP decided to yell across the chamber
" I want to sleep with you"
Josh told him to knock it off but then he said he was just trying to tell me he loved me.
I also got caught by him again trying to leave the office. This time he grabbed me but I got behind him so he could only head lock me and not grab my ass.
I had a bit of anxiety too this week and over the weekend a little pain. maybe I was just too active.
Either way it felt good to get out and run and do some shooting.