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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clover Tree

On my run today I spotted this perfect fallen branch. I ran about a half mile with it before I got back to my car. I'm sure that was a sight.
I had some felt clover stickers and some glitter clover stickers. I stuck matching ones back to back with a strip of craft wire in between them. I wrapped them around the branches with the wire.
I shredded some brown paper and used it to stabilize the branch in a jar. I wrapped the jar in twine and used glue dots to secure small fabric flowers to the twine and jar.
I think this is my favorite project I have done so far.

Ticket Stub Shadowbox

I have tons of tickets stubs dating back to High School. I recently came across even more. Inspired by my best friends handiwork I decided to organize them all in one place. Of course now I can find a stack of them... Lol!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kiss me I'm Irish

My favorite holidays seem to be ones that involve drinking.
I am Irish
I love to drink
Green is my favorite color
did I mention I love to drink?
This year we are going to Savannah for the big St. Patricks Day weekend where they dye the river green, have a huge parade, and basically turn River St. into Bourbon St. for the weekend.
In celebration of my second favorite holiday I made a wreath
I used lots of ribbon
a styrofoam wreath
felt clover stickers

this was all done while watching one episode of the Walking Dead
just fluff and trim as needed when done and Viola!

Valentines Owls

I have a small obsession with owls.
My daughter has a HUGE obsession with them.
Needless to say we have lots of owls here and there throughout the house.
I have saved a few toilet paper rolls because I have seen these cute owls on pinterest.
None of the pins had really great tutorials so I kind of winged it.
lots of scrapbook paper, glue and googley eyes

I think I nailed it

Sunday, February 17, 2013

pop tab bracelets

Valentines Bouquets

So I saw these candy bouquets in Kroger and I decided I could totally do them myself.
Supplies :
Empty Ragu Jars
Valentine scrap paper
glue gun
shredded paper
tissue paper 

random finishing touches like valentine socks, owl necklace, wooden owl, balloon, stuffed animal

I spent about $25.00 and made 3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Day Ribbon Wreath

 I have been getting crafty lately so I thought I would share what I have been up to.


a bunch of ribbon
craft wire
needle nose pliers

I bought craft wire at Jo Anns
I took my pliers from my scrapbooking tool kit that I bought at Archivers and used it to bend the craft wire into a heart shape.
Not too big but not too small either.
I cut up a bunch of coordinating colored ribbon about 3 inches long
I started at the bottom of the heart and while watching a movie I tied them onto the wire.
Once finished I tied one long piece of ribbon to the middle of the heart so it could be hung from a door hanger.
I looped it around and used a heart shaped brad to secure it in place.
I trimmed to make sure all the ribbon looked even.
Happy Valentines Day!